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Mieze Riedel loved to paint from childhood on. She studied architecture and later pursued a career in watercolor painting. She taught for 8 years at the Alliance Art Center and has given workshops and demonstrations. Her work is in collections world-wide. She is a signature member of the Midwest, Georgia and Ohio Watercolor Societies. She has won numerous awards. 

Artist Statement:

As I grew up, my parents instilled in me a love for the natural splendor of the world. When I see something that I like, I have to paint it. It gives me pleasure to paint and to share my impressions with others as realistic views or as abstractions. 


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Contact Mieze here:

Tele: 1-330-823-4036
or you can write Mieze here
Mieze Riedel
258 Maplewood Drive
Alliance, Ohio 44601

If you have any questions about Mieze's work you may also contact artgall@artgally.com    Feel free to write for any information. I will see that she gets it. Thanks for your interest.

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