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Pen & Ink Drawings by " George Dell" (Hobo George)
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All pictures come in Black & white pen and ink and pen & ink colored.  To Contact George call this number (724) 730-4466  


George Dell's 10 year life as a hobo in the Great Depression are reflected in his renditions of Steam Locomotives that dotted the trails that commanded his attention. These hard times are engrained on his drawings as life can only reveal it. George is also a steam locomotive buff, seeing that many of the renderings attest to his actual hands on workings with these massive Machines.

George's work can be seen at Mr. C's Waffle'O House in Brookfield, Ohio. If you come to get a bite to eat you may be lucky enough to meet George. He is a delightful  and may even tell you some of the stories of his journeys. I know, myself , I had some very interesting chats George. He tells quit a story. I hope to get him armed with a tape recorder and present some of those stories on the website. Please come often!!

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