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From time to time I will be adding legal links of other nature.
You may check these out here.

Maryland DUI Lawyer





Artist copyright law is difficult to understand. I hope to help artists with this Copyright lawfor Artist page. I will be bring all of the Artists copyright law links that I can find to this page. If you have any link for Artist Copyright laws please contact me at artgall@artgally.com

Copyright Laws for Webmasters

Copyright Office Reg.

Copyright and parody information
a lot of info here of help to all artists and writers.

US Patent and Trademark Office   
US Copyright Office

10 big Myths explained 

$25 dollar trademark search

All about Trademarks

Dave Ellis  A page of articles for Copyright law

USPTO site --anything you ever wanted to know about patents and trademarks

Search your trademark

Information about Trademarks

Patent Database

Ten Big Myths about Copyright explained.

Self Help Law Center Self-help law center is a good online source for those who want to avoid hiring a lawyer. Free access to legal reference material and try before you buy soft ware. For all of us who want to save money.

Starving Artists Law.com

Copyright law for Collage artists

Art Infringement How far can you go borrowing from other artists


Copyright laws for Artists

Wrecked on the Legal Highway  
Art & legal ambiguity

THE LAWYER'S BOOKSHELF: Art Law: The Guide for Collectors, Investors, Dealers, and Artists

Here is a program you might like to have for artists who wish to put the copyright in the scrolling text. The website has some valulble tools for both artists and webmasters. Open Cube Homepage

"Art Rights and Wrongs"  
The ins and outs of copyright laws for kids

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Here is one I found when I was out and about. It is a great link for Artists Rights.

If you have any articles or information on the Copyright or Trademark laws and rules, please send to artgall@artgally.com  All information would be appreciated. Please feel free to send any links you think would add to the content of this page.

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For all of you who have a
need for legal Knowledge
Please visit
Katsuey's Page

Some of the legal links where supplied by Digital Women
please visit their webpage.

Please thank Carol L. for the
10 big copyright myths.

Lectric Law Library This is a great place with free forms including, legal, contracts, leases, and wills if you are so inclined. 

Graphic Artists Guild



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